Howard york
Howard York

Welcome to Seattle

Hello, I am Howard York and I personally want to welcome you to the Seattle Customer Experience Center. Located on the ground floor of the historical, art deco Exchange Building in the central business district of Seattle, the Customer Experience Center allows visitors to experience PվƵ workspace design inspiration. The space also will serve as a collaborative working lab for designers, clients and staff, and a spacious venue for industry events.

Designed by national firm Felderman Keatinge + Associates (FKA) and Seattle-based Weaver Architects P.S. Inc., the impressive 11,800-square-foot Customer Experience Center features Northwest design roots with an international aesthetic and globally manufactured and locally sourced products. Natural daylight plays an integral part in the space which features 22-foot grand ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a large platform with raised seating areas that lower windowsill heights and better harness natural daylight, maximizing the vibrant Seattle corridor. A key focal point of the space is a 35-foot “live edge” – a long bar created from a Northwestern walnut tree that spans the front of the office – designed by FKA and PվƵ’s custom furniture division, Slate, as a major hub for people to gather and socialize.

Innovative LED lighting manufactured by Pablo Pardo and multifunctional acoustical lighting from the Buzzi Haworth collection is incorporated into the space. The organic hanging lights over the live bar are by local Seattle manufacturer Graypants, all resourced through PվƵ.

Other features include The Bluescape Room with a green wall, an informal area fostering creative thinking and interaction; a 70-foot mural and other artwork by Stanley Felderman, who has had work exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art and Whitney Museum; a cabana area with beanbag chairs for downtime or comfort while working; a wellness room set up for quick naps; and a healthcare showroom set up to view medical furniture.

Because of the historic nature of the building, many elements were kept as raw and original as possible, including columns in the space with their original numbering at the top and the marble floors.

This Customer Experience Center is a partnership between PվƵ and Haworth, a global manufacturer of commercial interior products.

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