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Welcome to Los Angeles

Hello, I want to personally welcome you to the Los Angeles Customer Experience Center.

Located in Suite 200 in the FourFortyFour South Flower building in downtown LA, the Customer Experience Center allows visitors to experience PվƵ workspace design inspiration. The space serves as a collaborative working lab for designers, clients, and staff and a spacious venue for industry events.

Designed by Felderman Keatinge + Associates, the impressive 5,761-square-foot Customer Experience Center features a Los Angeles design, an entertainment aesthetic, and globally manufactured and locally sourced products. Stanley Felderman’s art is displayed throughout in murals on the walls and the columns, adding to the visual acoustics in the space and its employees’ well-being. Natural daylight plays an integral part in the space and the biophilia that transcends from the exterior into the interior. With the recent demand for the feeling of hospitality or community in the workplace, PվƵ’s focus was to create an environment for people to connect, restore, collaborate, or focus in the workplace.

PվƵ’s Architectural Interiors and Slate divisions are two of the many features that make this workspace unique and extraordinary. The conference rooms designed by Architectural Interiors are nothing short of stunning, with sleek glass walls that create a modern, inviting environment. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also provide impeccable acoustics for meetings and presentations. The custom furniture division, Slate, lends its expertise to creating an inviting reception desk and a custom architectural space also designed by Stanley Felderman. With an emphasis on connection and camaraderie, this space is more than just a place to work. With a focus on connection and camaraderie, this space is more than just a place to work.

A beautiful combination of open, airy indoor space, natural light, a private outdoor patio landscaped with succulents, and a view of the street and plaza below; make this a genuinely unique Downtown Los Angeles setting.

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