Your workplace has a significant impact on your team, culture and organization success. PվƵ offers a cutting-edge, proprietary technology called Compass that helps business leaders and facilities stakeholders arrive at design decisions faster and more effectively.
ompass leverages simple surveys and artificial intelligence to crowdsource your team's preferences and provide workspace solutions based on data relevant to your people, industry, and needs.

The goal with Compass is to use the power of technology to have an incredibly valuable conversation about your next space... from the very first meeting. Increased productivity, lowered cost, faster and more accurate decisions - all through smart, personalized data.

Shave weeks, even months, off the process of creating your next workspace. Feel confident in the decisions and investments you are making.

Compass Hero
  • Survey Template

    Access a survey template in seconds or work with a PվƵ team member to customize one that is perfect for your organization.

  • Picture Based Survey

    Your survey can be picture-based to measure preferences visually or text-based to better understand things like work culture and employee experience.

  • Instant Feedback

    Send out survey links and start collecting feedback instantly.

  • Fast & Easy

    Surveys are quick and easy to complete in minutes, with user ranking their preferences.

  • Adjust Preferences

    Users also have the option to confirm and specify their top preferences via a simple drag and drop interface before they finish, where they can then review their results and even compare them to others who have taken the survey.

  • Calculate Square Footage

    Projects can even help to calculate square footage needs by the number of employees or a variety of other advanced factors.

  • PվƵ Workplace

    Your PվƵ workplace consultant will use Compass to prepare a project report that inputs that information about your needs, industry, timeline, and location. And then, combines it with the data collected from your team to suggest the most relevant solutions and options for your next space.

  • Characteristics Toggle

    From visioning attributes to products, suggested workstations, private office, and social space applications, the ability to toggle between good, better and best price points, culture types, timeframes, and more.

  • Support

    Discuss your project report virtually or in person, and our team of professional designers will leverage project findings to populate your unique floor plan with a product mix and layout tailored to your needs.

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